Sa 22.12.2018

Chris Tall


During Chris Tall's celebrated “Selfie von Mutti” tour, where the prize-winning shooting star of the 2016/2017 comedy scene filled Germany’s stadiums, he was repeatedly asked: Hey, how much do you weigh, actually?” Followed by: And when will it be your father’s turn?”

Now! The waiting is finally over! Starting January 2018, Chris Tall presents his new solo show, “Und jetzt ist Papa dran”! After Mum, he now takes on his esteemed Papa – wilder, faster, and more interactive than ever! #canhedothat? And how! He has to! – because what could be wilder than a solicitous mother? Right: the male version! If you thought that Chris’s Mum was funny, wait till you meet his Papa. A wondrous being, always without spare change, dressed like Oliver Kahn and always ready with advice on energy-saving light bulbs. He thinks “WhatsAppie” is a funny way of saying hello, hunts Pokemons on Sundays, and sends his texts in groups of 25. Naturally Papa wants to turn his harmless, overweight son Chris into a sexy Olympic champion, and take him fishing in the summer, while Chris dreams only of herring rolls from “Nordsee”. When Papa tries to explain the facts of life to his son over a campfire, the fun starts with the difference between domino and dominatrix. Thank you. But he generally takes the cake when meeting the first girlfriend: “NO; DAD, ‘What’s happening, sister?!’ IS NOT COOL!” Chris Tall  has seen it all and shares it with his audience, verbally and physically. Chris Tall tells stories that reflect a bit of our own lives, told authentically and true to life. He entertains and inspires people of all generations. Because at the show’s end, it’s: We’re all part of one big, damned lovable family! Even Dad!

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