Fri 16.11.2018


stay tru. tour. 2018

A #1 album and a tour that sold out within 48 hours. With the release of tru., Cro is writing the next chapter of his success story; after the sold-out club tour to coincide with the album’s release, he is now set to pay a visit to his Munich fans in the Olympic Hall!

Cro’s first two albums, Raop and Melodie, broke all records. He was the youngest artist to record an MTV Unplugged album. He went from clubs to concert halls, from halls to arenas, and from arenas to giant stadiums. Then came the point when he needed to push the “pause” button and shut out the world. That’s just what Cro did to make his new album. He went back to square one, back to himself, to work out everything that has happened in the last five years. The album tru., released in early September 2017, is Cro’s most personal to date. It’s an unusual glimpse into the inner world of an artist who otherwise has always embodied the image of the “incognito superstar”. After the sold-out “tru. club tour” – the live premiere of the new album for a select audience – Cro’s bigger “stay tru.” tour will kick off in November 2018. Just as real, just as “tru.”, but this time live for everyone. Presented by intro and noisey
7:00 PM

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