Fri 10.01.2020

Das Phantom der Oper

The big original production

Composed by Arndt Gerber with lyrics by Paul Wilhelm, “The Phantom of the Opera” music production is based on the classic work by Gaston Leroux. Breathing new life into the original, the captivating story of the disfigured man with the mask is being performed in this new musical in Munich.

Feared by humans, a monstrous creature inhabits the dungeons of the huge Paris opera house, a mask hiding his face. A young and attractive member of the choir, Christine Daaé, softens the wounded heart of the phantom, who falls in love with her. Obsessed by the talented singer, he gives her singing lessons and begins promoting her career by all means possible, including sinister machinations and threats. Meanwhile, the naïve choralist seems to succumb to his dark charms. But when Christine instead announces her engagement to Count Raoul de Chagny, something sinister happens. During one of the performances, the large chandelier hanging in the ceiling of the auditorium comes crashing down on the audience. In the ensuing chaos, the spurned phantom abducts the girl taking her into the depths of his dark realm, holding her captive... Backed by an orchestra, the large cast of renowned soloists, choir, ballet dancers and musicians perform in a 2-hour show replete with catchy melodies, period costumes transporting audiences all the way back to 19th Century Paris.
8:00 PM

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