Wed 29.05.2019



"UNLIMITED": On his greatest hits tour, DAVID GARRETT has some surprises in store for his fans, promising an authentic musical celebration! On this crossover tour, DAVID GARRETT and his band perform at the Munich Olympic Hall, backed by the Frankfurt New Philharmonic Orchestra.

From the start, the crossover pop/classical music violinist defied musical boundaries and it’s no surprise that "UNLIMITED" is more than just a tour banner. One can call it an expression of the artist’s personal ‘Life Philosophy’, reflecting his boundless musical creativity. For over 10 years he’s held spellbound millions of fans worldwide. His passion for music has won over a whole new audience, not just with his crossover sounds but also to classical music. Few artists have shown such uncompromising commitment to overcoming genre boundaries as DAVID GARRETT and his success worldwide just proves it! In his international artistic career spanning more than ten years, he’s surpassed himself time and again. On his "UNLIMITED" Tour, DAVID GARRETT wishes to thank all his fans, as well as paying tribute to his fellow musicians and team who’ve accompanied and supported him during the past ten years. On this tour, he’ll perform his latest compositions as well as new arrangements of his songs from the past ten years including "Smooth Criminal", "Nothing Else Matters", "He's a Pirate", "Viva la Vida" and "Thunderstruck". New arrangements of some of his most popular songs are performed ‘unplugged’ for the first time, to the delight of his fans. "UNLIMITED" also serves as a DAVID GARRETT retrospective, making music history with his crossover interpretations and revolutionizing the role of the violin in his Music.
8:00 PM

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