Sun 01.04. - Sun 09.09.2018

DINO WORLD a trip in the world of giants

The biggest dinosaur exhibition of Germany

From Easter Sunday, April 1 2018, DINO WORLD will transform the Small Olympic Hall into a fascinating primeval world with more than 60 life-sized dinosaurs and fossils.

Across more than 2,000 square meters, visitors both big and small, will be able immerse themselves in our planet’s mysterious past – eye to eye with Tyrannosaurus Rex. Children and their parents will encounter impressive colossuses - which thanks to sophisticated animatronics move in a deceptively lifelike fashion – while exploring meticulously designed landscapes from mysterious periods in our Earth’s history which disappeared millions of years ago. There is something to discover, touch, or try out everywhere – an exhibition visit has never been this captivating! Interactive Family experience Participate, discover, and be amazed is the motto of the adventure exhibition which has been specially designed for children and families. Interactive play stations, dino riding, excavation sites, children’s rallies, handicraft and painting games, and even real fossils to touch: “DINO WORLD – Kingdom of Giants” provides plenty of opportunities for playing, discovering, and being active. In the research tent young visitors can become paleontologists, exploring the minutest details of the colossuses with microscopes, while at the excavation site visitors become fossil hunters. Learn more about dinos Dinosaurs are one of the most fascinating species ever to populate the blue planet. Their rule lasted almost 200 million years. What did the Earth look like at the time of the primeval giants? What was the supercontinent Pangea? What led to the development of the dangerous Tyrannosaurus Rex? The exhibition explains what phenomena led to the development of unique types of dinosaurs specific to each of the seven continents – until the impact of a meteorite wiped out the majestic species forever.
10:00 AM

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