Fri 15.03. - Sun 17.03.2019

DINOSAUR In the Kingdom of the Giants


More vicious than ever, the dinosaurs are returning on their thundering comeback tour after 65 million years, and thus the giants of prehistoric times are reawakening in full size to a new live in the Munich Olympic Hall.

DINOSAURS – IN THE KINGDOM OF THE GIANT presents the prehistoric rulers of the earth in full action in a brilliant mix of special effects, top entertainment and suspense.

The live show DINOSAURS – IN THE KINGDOM OF THE GIANTS or “Walking with Dinosaurs”, as it is internationally called, is based on the award-winning BBC television series and guarantees thrilling and unique entertainment. In prehistoric adventures, 18 live-size dinosaurs are stamping through a monumental background, which only fits in large arenas. A mammoth production for young and old exceeds most expectations. DINOSAURS – IN THE KINGDOM OF THE GIANTS illustrates the prehistoric era: Continents break apart, dry deserts are transformed into lush prairies, oceans are formed, volcanoes are erupting, forests are catching fire ­ until in the end, a giant meteor strikes, which leads to the extinction of the dinosaurs. The audience goes on a journey to the earth’s past and encounters the dinosaurs in their heyday. A professional team from areas of film, computer technology, high-tech animation and designers created the dinosaurs in terms of their appearance and movement patterns right up to the smallest detail like their predecessors thousands of years ago. The realism of their appearance is almost inconceivable, at times breath-taking, sometimes not without a certain comic effect. 50 engineers, technicians and specialists have worked on the production for over a year.

7:00 PM

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