Sat 16.02.2019

Disney in Concert

Wonderful Worlds

Whether in his films or during the development of the first Disneyland parks: Walt Disney himself was a visionary full of phantasy and creativity, who was able to imagine and create worlds.

As a result, the visitors in particular, were able to forget everyday life and dream a little. But what would the most beautiful movie worlds be without the wonderful music which brings it to life in the first place? This is precisely why Disney has already been working for more than 80 years with the best singers, composers and musicians worldwide, who give each film that special little bit of magic. For the new concert series “Disney in Concert – Wonderful Worlds”, the unique worlds of the Disney films will take centre stage for the first time. The guests experience a fantastic journey through snow-covered woods, far away galaxies, crystal-clear waters and endless sandy beaches. A huge screen once again shows the relevant film clips, which are specially enhanced with the music of the Hollywood Sound Orchestra. The „Disney in Concert“ series is a unique live experience where the most beautiful Disney films, strong-voiced top solo artists and an excellent symphony orchestra meet and create a very special concert experience. True to the motto: Capture small moments of happiness in real life.

7:30 PM

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