Wed 24.05.2017


Mystorial - 25th Anniversary Tour 2017

DJ BoBo celebrates 25 years on stage with his grandiose new stage show MYSTORIAL and a world tour.

DJ BoBo himself is really looking forward to his special tour: "Who would have thought that people would be loyal to me and my music for such a long time? MYSTORIAL takes the audience to a fascinating, exciting time trip, one they will never forget." And once you have seen DJ BoBo live, you know that you can expect a great evening of entertainment with lots of surprises. His fanciful shows are an experience for the whole family, with countless hits that we all know and which remain as popular as they were back then. Of course there are also several new songs to listen to. DJ BoBo is phenomenal, and this time will be no exception, because in his 25 year-long career DJ BoBo became not only the best-known Swiss musician, but also one of the most internationally successful artists of the last decades.
08:00 PM

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