Sat 13.01.2018

Feuerwerk der Turnkunst

AURA Tour 2018

Lifts, a giant moving Rubik’s cube, an extremely flexible street lamp – the “Feuerwerk der Turnkunst” AURA Tour 2018 beckons once again with unusual gymnastics equipment.

Behind these one will often find a bit of tinkering, constant optimisation, and lots of passionate experimentation with a side of risk for the gymnasts and artists. In combination with the nearly unlimited wealth of ideas from the show’s creative team, it’s guaranteed that audiences will once again be left breathless even for this 31st edition of “Feuerwerk der Turnkunst”.

The ideas for the extraordinary apparatuses and structures spring from the minds of the artists themselves, exhibiting not only their gymnastic prowess but their vast creativity as well. But where did the idea come from to take a plain old Rubik’s cube, supersize it, and then dance upon it? Sergii Tymofieiev explains: “The idea came out of my wish to combine three elements: the unusual, vivid colours, and physical possibilities.” Sergii carries out an impressive and artistic performance on his apparatus, all the while very perceptively telling a story. Just how multifaceted the aura of a performance can be with an unusual gymnastic aid is presented by the group Lift. This quartet from France presents a breathtaking performance on two parallel lifts. Noah Chorny’s “drunken master” embarks on a gymnastic roller coaster ride with highs and lows full of comedy and acrobatics. Chorny is highly entertaining with his screwball manner, and many failed attempts at climbing up a street lamp which appears to be more unsteady than he is.
02:00 PM

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