Fr 13.01. - Sa 23.12.2023

Flea market in the Olympic Park

Bargain Hunting

Olympic Park Munich

At the flea market on the park harp in the Olympic Park, people can once again dawdle and haggle for all they're worth.

Second hand, curios and unusual and many useful articles for all situations in life are waiting for you and at reasonable prices.

The early bird catches the worm. What sounds like a hackneyed phrase comes true at the flea market in the Olympic Park. Because the bargain hunters are out early. When the stalls open at 7 a.m., the first visitors are already pulling out their wallets to secure the best finds. Of course, this is not without some serious haggling.

Sometimes, however, it's worth planning a little more time for a stroll through the flea market to rummage around for old treasures. Because with all the books, records, curious one-offs or old bicycles, you might only discover your very own personal find after a second glance. And after all, a day at a classic flea market should first and foremost be fun.

There will be no flea market during major events in the Olympic Park!

The following dates are cancelled: 9.12.2023


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