Fri 29.06.2018

Helene Fischer

The Stadium Tour 2018

Helene Fischer returns to the stadium stage with a new, breathtaking world-class show, a sensational stage design and a lot of music.

Live shows by Helene Fischer are the highlights of every concert calendar. “With each one of our shows, we want to push ourselves into new dimensions and give fans an experience and sensation they have never before experienced. These are, of course, high demands and a huge challenge for the team and, of course, for me as well. If the audience has as much fun as I do in the stadium, then I know that it was worth doing it again and that it will be a fantastic summer party for all of us”, states Helene Fischer happily.

With the idea of a stadium tour for the second time in the coming year, it once again fulfils its reputation as the power centre of German pop music. Currently, this exceptional artist has three projects close to her heart that she is promoting with full force: On May 12 her new album "Helene Fischer" will be released, which the fans have been waiting for so long. In Autumn, she will be going on a concert tour and will play the much awaited new show 69 times, which will also be the premiere of her collaboration with 45 DEGREES – a division of Cirque du Soleil. In Summer 2018, hundreds of thousands of fans will be going along to the big stadium tour, which includes the Olympia stadium in Munich. 100 per cent Helene Fischer – that’s a promise for the new stadium tour.
07:30 PM

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