Th 03.01. - Su 06.01.2019

Holiday on Ice


Welcome at what is probably the most magnificent, richest and magical island kingdom of all legends: Atlantis, which sank into the sea with all its inhabitants during only one night and one day. To this day, the myth inspires the spirit of discovery of scientists and historians – and our phantasy.

A dream comes true: Valentina and Cheyenne Pahde are the faces of the HOLIDAY ON ICE show ATLANTIS

Valentina and Cheyenne Pahde fulfil their childhood dream in their role as testimonials for the new HOLIDAY ON ICE show. As patrons of the new show ATLANTIS, the two actresses visit each tour city and on selected dates – together with HOLIDAY ON ICE – they fulfil the wish of the big moment on ice in the show. With ATLANTIS, HOLIDAY ON ICE presents a homage to the sunken paradise for the first time in an ice-skating Gala. 35 international professional runners bring to live snapshots of live and love in Atlantis in scenery above and under water. “The show will be a unique adventure with a lot of emotions, splendour and glamour. I am looking forward in particular to the music and the performances. HOLIDAY ON ICE always manages to thrill and mesmerise the whole audience. It is impossible to imitate this atmosphere in the halls, you have to experience it live”, reports Valentina. The audience will be able to see ice-skating skills at the highest performance level in more than 90 shows and 13 German cities.

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