Th 04.01. - Su 07.01.2024

Holiday on Ice

No Limits

Olympic Hall

With the new production NO LIMITS HOLIDAY ON ICE seamlessly continues the success of past years and celebrates its spectacular 80th anniversary. The show combines innovation and tradition in a unique way and promises an unforgettable live experience. NO LIMITS comes to the Olympic Hall from January 4 to 7 with a special highlight: chart-topping actress Vanessa Mai will conquer the ice stage at the premiere, celebrating with the audience and providing magical moments.NO LIMITS will be fast-paced, revolutionary and open up infinite worlds full of exciting entertainment and magical surprises.

NO LIMITS lives up to the tradition of 80 years of ice show history and, at the same time, through the use of ultra-modern technologies and elements, becomes a visionary production that knows no bounds. The world's best figure skaters unleash a true symphony of movement on and above the stage and captivate the audience with their precision and ease. The audience can expect amazing performances, daring stunts and world-class figure skating. Whether demanding jumps, impressive ensemble choreographies or emotional reinterpretations of classic HOLIDAY ON ICE elements - NO LIMITS combines all this and overcomes boundaries. NO LIMITS is an adventurous love story: Together with the protagonists, the audience embarks on a captivating hero's journey and dives again and again into new, unforgettable worlds in which everything seems possible. The show tells a rousing story about overcoming boundaries, finding love and the power of human connection. A playful adventure between fantasy and reality - the audience:inside always up close.

For the premiere of NO LIMITS in Munich, the audience can expect a special highlight: singer, actress, dancer and social media star Vanessa Mai will surprise the audience with two of her big hits and perform them live. The 31-year-old is a permanent guest in the charts and on the big stages with her albums and singles. But that's not all: Vanessa lives her dreams, breaks musical boundaries with rap features and dances her way into Let's Dance heaven. Now the entertainer celebrates the 80th anniversary of HOLIDAY ON ICE as the star guest of this year's tour and provides magical moments that connect generations.


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