Th 02.01. - Mo 06.01.2020

Holiday on Ice


With “SHOWTIME”, HOLIDAY ON ICE consolidates its extraordinary past successes in its latest breath-taking performance on ice. Some 40 top figure skaters, artists and musicians are set to take the audience on a special adventure through the history of the most famous show on ice ever staged.

Audiences will follow the casting of figure skaters, as the show embarks on a world tour before international audiences, with passionate performances culminating in international success. The “SHOWTIME” narrative is based around a love story between the producer and his favourite figure-skater, with all its ups and downs. The “SHOWTIME” extravaganza features tons of effects, costume changes, 3D holograms, a suspended globe, trapeze artists, on-stage acrobatics and a train-like machine that runs across the ice stage. Sporting an array of colourful costumes, the teams of choreographed dancers and skaters perform in perfect synchronicity against the spectacular LED light show. Featuring the latest hits and new renditions of old favourites, “SHOWTIME” promises thrilling live entertainment. “SHOWTIME” – HOLIDAY ON ICE is produced by an international creative team, including Creative Director, Kim Gavin; Star Choreographer and Olympic Figure-Skating Champion, Robin Cousins; Celebrity Costume Designer, Michael Sharp and Production Designer, Misty Buckley. On 5th January 2020 at 1 pm, special guest Sarah Lombardi will join the rest of the cast on the show.

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