Fri 13.10.2017

James Blunt

„The Afterlove“ Tour

He made his breakthrough in 2005 with the Megahit "You're Beautiful" and the album "Back To Bedlam", which became the best-selling album of the Noughties in his home country, in 17th position of the best-selling records of the past 60 years.

He received about 80 platinum awards around the world and was also very well received by the critical press at the time. He has sold more than 20 million albums and over 12.8 million singles worldwide. Reliably, every few years a new album is released which, equally reliably, is  successful. Each of his four studio albums has won numerous awards and sold millions of copies. You always notice that Blunt has spend time to work on enhancing his songwriting and to perfect the arrangements. And that certainly also applies to the upcoming album. The first release "Love Me Better", which will be released on 27 January, will give us a small taste of it. Serenity is Blunt's trademark, not least because he has experienced so much beyond his music. Presented by Bayern 3  
06:30 PM

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