Fri 24.01.2025

Jan Böhmermann and the Ehrenfeld Radio Dance Orchestra

Eisern Ehrenfeld - Live Tour 2025

Olympic Hall

Since the end of 2020, it has been Germany's best-known late-night show. And the most infamous. "ZDF Magazin Royale", the subversive satirical programme in which Jan Böhmermann uses wicked and polarising irony to address grievances in politics, business and society. Now the presenter is going back on tour live with the magnificent Radio Dance Orchestra Ehrenfeld: on 24 January 2025 at the Olympic Hall.

Böhmermann has already toured the country three times. After "Fernsehen ist so 2017", "Ehrenfeld ist überall" and "Ehrenfeld Intergalactic", this time he is bringing his satirical revue from the TV studio to the big halls with "Eisern Ehrenfeld". "The radio dance orchestra and I recognise ourselves in iron," says Böhmermann, "iron is our determination and 'Eisern Ehrenfeld' is our battle cry." Whether it's his satire as gangsta rapper Pol1z1stens0hn, his parodic song about his usual poor performance at the Song Contest ("Allemagne Zero Points") or nasty songs about charismatic social functionaries - the audience is guaranteed to get what they expect from Böhmermann. The audience can look forward to special guests, as on previous tours, with surprise appearances by stars such as Herbert Grönemeyer, Danger Dan and H.P. Baxxter.

"Anything is possible, from goosebumps to chills," announces Böhmermann. "It will be cheeky, funny and bright, and I have resolved to be the first German-speaking artist to experiment with irony, inauthenticity and genuine emotions live on stage." Which he will certainly succeed in doing on 24 January 2025 in the Olympic Hall.

08:00 PM
Entry 06:30 PM
Olympic Hall


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