Sat 20.05.2017

Joe Bonamassa


Fun and passion, professionalism and vision, all effortlessly rolled into one by the Grammy-nominated superstar of contemporary blues-rock.

Right after its release, Joe Bonamassa's latest studio Album Blues Of Desperation reached the top of the Billboard charts, his 16th time to do so, more often than any other artist. Whether live or on CD or vinyl, Bonamassa's charismatic voice, fiery guitar playing and multi-faceted songwriting are simply captivating. His previous tour in Germany in spring 2016 was a triumph of blues-rock. Joe Bonamassa will always reinvent himself, either solo or with one of his numerous side projects, and as long as he continues to tour the world in his trademark suit and sunglasses, he will continue to expand his legacy as one of the greatest guitarists of our time. The American blues-rock guitarist recently released his latest live show, Live at the Greek Theater 9.23.2016, on CD, vinyl, DVD and blue-ray. One of his latest live releases, Muddy Wolf at Red Rocks, reached number five on the German charts."No one in the blues-rock scene is so passionate and talented, and at the same time so deferential to those who were onstage before him. Nobody is so devoted to their craft as Joe Bonamassa!", writes Classic Rock Magazine UK.
08:00 PM

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