Sun 10.11.2024

KPOP Fusion 2024

Much more than a Concert

Olympic Hall

The KPOP Fusion Tour kicks off in Germany in November 2024. The tour offers KPOP fans or Stans, as the real insiders call themselves, a complete experience consisting of concerts with a mix of popular groups and solo artists and many additional offers that celebrate KPOP culture.

Fans affectionately call their KPOP stars idols. These artists are often multi-talented and have a huge cultural influence. Korean Popular Music has had a growing fan base since 2010. KPOP groups sold eight of the ten best-selling albums worldwide in 2022.

There have been several events for the German KPOP community in recent years - but what PK Events will be putting on this year is extraordinary: nine cities, nine arenas, three top-class acts, a rookie (up-and-coming talent) accompanied by a KPOP DJ, as well as the KPOP typical random dance and many other exciting possibilities. This makes KPOP Fusion one of the absolute event highlights in this genre.

With HWASA as the glamorous headliner, the KPOP Fusion Tour is already setting new standards. In the coming weeks, further acts from the KPOP Fusion Tour will be announced to complete the line-up. The community can look forward to November with great anticipation.

‘We are expecting full halls with fans from Germany and all over the world - we are expecting up to 50 different nations and are looking forward to a multicultural festival,’ says Peter Kötting, organiser of PK Events.

08:00 PM
Entry 06:30 PM
Olympic Hall


PK Events GmbH

Pre-sale starts on 25 April 2024 at www.kpopfusion.e

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