Fri 06.03.2020

Lord of the Dance

Dangerous Games

In "DANGEROUS GAMES", the long-standing LORD OF THE DANCE show has undergone a makeover.

Against a massive backdrop of LEDs, the enduring hit show is a kind of "Best of", drawing fans to this dazzling display of costumes and dance. Since its inception in 1996, LORD OF THE DANCE has reached cult status, captivating audiences throughout the world. Attracting more than 4 million visitors in the German-speaking countries alone, it drew 80 million spectators internationally, making LOTD the most popular show by far. The show opened up a new dimension in entertainment. The ingenious fusion of dance, folklore and spectacle initially played to niche audiences before growing into the international blockbuster that it has become.   Combining mythical folklore and hi-tech pop art with Irish-American tap dancing mixed with flamenco, the multimedia show brims with catchy tunes in an extravaganza second to none. With its star-studded performances, the perfectly choreographed cast takes its audiences to new and euphoric heights!  Lord of the Dance founder and ace dancer, Michael Flatley, is now director and chief choreographer of the show.
08:00 PM

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