Tue 06.03.2018

Lord of the Dance

“Dangerous Games”

The successful Lord of the Dance show, which currently carries the subtitle "Dangerous Games", presents itself with a new look.

Lord of the Dance is featured by a backdrop of huge LED walls and a variety of costumes, as a kind of "best of", giving fans a brilliant reunion with this permanent hit with up to 40 outstanding dancers.

Lord of the Dance has thrilled audiences since 1996 and shows a new dimension in entertainment. Audiovisual opulence combines folklore, hi-tech pop and Irish-American step dance with a fondness of flamenco, to create a rhythmic, melodic and visual show, which is second to none. The dedicated cast always ensures that it creates a euphoric atmosphere with its performance. The creator of the show and super stepper, Michael Flatley, now focuses on his work as director and choreographer. With alternating step stars in the leading roles, Lord of the Dance always retains its original fascination, as the never-ending applause on the world tour proves. +++Safety instructions+++
08:00 PM

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