We 11.04.2018


Live 2018

This internationally-acclaimed pianist and composer of the soundtrack to the film “Untouchable” is touring Germany’s concert arenas, with the Munich Olympic Hall as the first stop.

Ludovico Einaudi is one of the world’s most streamed classical artists. The Italian pianist’s recordings and appearances have thrilled an incomparably diverse, loyal, and still-growing fan base for over 20 years. The poet is now embarking on his first concert tour of Germany, bringing not only the power of pure musical expression, but also setting new standards for visuals. His unique mix of classical, pop, rock, electronic and world music elements has overturned common notions of genre boundaries and audience preferences. He is not only one of the best known composers in the world today but almost certainly the best loved too. Einaudi is the author of countless well-known melodies used in film, television, and advertising, perhaps the best-known example being his contributions to the soundtrack to the French tragicomedy ‘Untouchable’ (French: ‘Intouchables’). He believes that his popularity stems from the human yearning for more room for privacy in these hectic times – and that his music helps people as a metaphor for reflection and intimate inward contemplation.

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