Sun 19.05.2019

Luke Mockridge

Welcome to Luckyland

“WELCOME TO LUCKYLAND!” Come and experience Germany's maverick stand-up comedian on his third and biggest live tour to date.

Following his "Lucky Man" live show, which was a journey of self-discovery, Luke Mockridge (29) seems to have completely altered his stance. His new performance “WELCOME TO LUCKYLAND” reflects a dystopic view of the world. But is it all so doom-and-gloom, or do folks still understand that ultimately each individual is responsible for finding his or her own “Luckyland”?? Even though the ever-optimistic Luke might be having a bit of a hard time at the moment, he still tries to do what he can to improve the world around him – even if just a little. As a millennial child of the 90’s, he remains basically optimistic with his anecdotes about life and assuming responsibility. The maverick entertainer is on tour again, making his fans at the Munich Olympic Hall double up with laughter. Hey, you're invited! Luke Mockridge premiered his successful debut solo show "I'M LUCKY, I'M LUKE" at the end of 2012.
07:00 PM

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