Fri 27.04.2018

Luke Mockridge

Live-Tournee „LUCKY MAN“ additional show

The successful tour continues. Luke Mockridge is out and about on a fully booked preview tour with his program “LUCKY MAN” and delights his fans. Due to the high demand, numerous new shows have now been planned in 2018, including in the Olympic Hall in Munich.

Luke’s generation has a problem. The whole world is its oyster. How should one make a decision, however, in this jungle of choices? What happens after school? Traineeship, education, studies, backpacking in Australia or surfing in Indonesia? And of course, all of this must be recorded in Facebook, Instagram Snapchat and Co. Who can cope with all of this? And what about love, will it not fall by the wayside, with all of this happening In his live program “LUCKY MAN”, entertainer Luke Mockridge takes us into the world of self-discovery. Charming, reflecting, keenly watched, but optimistic as usual, he identifies current issues with great curiosity. From the move into the first own place, via parties in a shared community, to major heartbreak and self-portrayal on the net – Luke takes on all of this and expresses what many of his generation feel.

8:00 PM

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