Th 11.04.2019

Mario Barth

"Men are Lazy, Women Say (Männer sind faul, sagen die Frauen)"

The German comedian returns to the Munich Olympic Hall with his brand-new stage show, "Männer sind faul, sagen die Frauen". And, once again, this great therapist for couples has some astonishing and absurd things to say about the everyday life of women and men.

Thanks to his astute powers of observation, he concluded that "Men are Lazy, Women Say". That doesn't necessarily mean it's true, but let's be honest: when a friend comes over asking for help, it’s no problem to refloor his cellar, install the underfloor heating, repair his roof and if he still wants to have a window installed somewhere, then it’s no problem either. But heaven forbid if your sweetheart asks you to hang up a picture on your wall at home! And when she moves out after five years, the picture is still lying waiting behind the cupboard. So, as a man, let me say: "Thank goodness I didn’t hang up the picture, otherwise there’d be yet another hole in the wall I’d have to fix!” Recounts his experiences with artisans and handymen, Mario helps audiences discover why he had a completely new ceiling installed in his bathroom, even though he only wanted to fit a lamp. I only wish he'd stayed lazy!

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