Thu 04.04.2019

Mark Forster

Tour 2019

Louder and ever more confident, in 2019 the ebullient Mark Forster sets out performing his latest songs on his most ambitious tour schedule yet.

Released in June 2016, his third album, "TAPE" has broken all records, achieving triple gold and has produced one hit single after another. The first release, "WIR SIND GROSS", was the official ZDF song of the European Football Championships of that year, achieving platinum sales of more than 500,000 units before his next release, "CHÖRE", repeated that resounding success!  "SOWIESO" followed, also turning gold while at the same time making history as the longest lasting No.1 German-language hit record of all time. With Forster’s 2012 debut album "KARTON" turning gold and his 2014 album "BAUCH UND KOPF" propelled to double platinum, the German singer of Polish origin has clocked up a series of truly impressive achievements. In 2017, GQ Magazine named the 33-year-old Mark Forster "Man of the Year". The Voice of Germany has proven to be an indispensable television platform for Mark Forster, where he continues to score top ratings. Early in 2018, he took over as presenter of the award-winning TV music show "Sing mein Song - das Tauschkonzert", succeeding Xavier Naidoo and The BossHoss. Forster ushered in the musical summer in April 2018, with his current single "LIKE A LION" (feat. Gentleman). Following the successes of "TAPE", Mark Forster is currently working on a new album at the exceptionally high level of quality to which we’ve become accustomed. Since he doesn’t rest on his laurels, Mark Forster is soon to present his latest work on tour at the major European venues. Performing old favourites with new songs in a mixed repertoire as well as some surprises, fans can look forward to Mark Forster’s coming performance at the Munich Olympic Hall in April 2019. Presented by Sector3 Live & ProSieben
08:00 PM

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