Sun 07.07.2019

Mark Knopfler and Band

An Evening with

Former Dire Straits guitar virtuoso says that it’s time to hit the road, bringing his mellow rock masterpieces to old and new audiences alike. His new European tour also takes him to Munich, where he’ll present songs from his latest album, "Down the Road Wherever", plus a selection from his previous solo albums and some of the best-known hits from his 20-odd years with Dire Straits.

Over the years, Mark Knopfler’s innovative guitar style has inspired legions of guitar players. The singer/songwriter led Dire Straits from relative obscurity to international fame, crowning them as one of the greatest rock bands around. His ten solo albums chronicle the evolution of his music and guitar sound, developed in his most creative periods. With sales of around 120 million albums, Knofler is part of an illustrious elite of performers who have left their indelible mark on rock music worldwide. With his distinctive Dylanesque narrative vocal style, Mark Knopfler is considered by many as a key figure in the history of rock. In his songs, he tells bitter-sweet stories laced with irony in just a few short verses. Once an English lecturer at college, the Glasgow-born musician played in clubs in his spare time before trading in his academic career for the guitar and a life on the road. Mark Knopfler hits the road on a solo tour, backed by ten outstanding musicians, including keyboard player Guy Fletcher (his closest band mate from the Dire Straits days) as well as Richard Bennett (guitar), Jim Cox (piano), Mike McGoldrick (pipe and flute), John McCusker (violin and zither), Nigel Hitchcok (saxophone), Tom Walsh (trumpet), Glenn Worf (bass), Danny Cummings (drums) and Ian Thomas (drums).
08:00 PM

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