Sat 23.02.2019

Martin Rutter


Please stand up! Here comes the one and only "Dog Advocate"! In his new live show: "FREISPRUCH!, renowned animal psychologist, Martin Rütter, is on a mission to promote a more enlightened rapport between dog and man.

Addressing the dog population, Martin Rütter implores the canine species to educate its human handlers, debunking the myth of the notorious four-legged creature once and for all. From the bone-laden dock, he singles them out one by one: the outcasts, the abandoned, the dejected … The consummate Dog-Pro accurately sums up what we all already know, but never dare to admit: THE DOG IS NEVER TO BLAME! Martin Rütter understands this perfectly: The problematic everyday animal-human relationship has its own set of rules and every case has its own unique set of circumstances. Whether it’s the postman finding himself on the receiving end of a dog-attack … or if “killer” Bello suddenly morphs into the “king” of beggars at the dinner table, there’s always an explanation. And even if the oh-so-friendly tail-wagging pooch changes into a ferocious devil, the eloquent advocate representing our four-legged friends still pleads for "FREISPRUCH! (acquittal). Watch out! Rütter is going to set the record straight about who it was that really screwed up! Stay tuned. "FREISPRUCH!" is the title of Martin Rütter’s new live show. Technical, analytical and, above all … Hilarious!

08:00 PM

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