Th 09.11. - Su 12.11.2017

Munich Indoors

Bavaria’s greatest celebration of equestrian sports

The MUNICH INDOOR will be a very special occasion this 9 – 12 November, because it has something to celebrate: 2017 marks the 20th year that international jumping and dressage stars will meet in the legendary Olympic Hall.

Now having grown into a four-star event in both disciplines, is one of the top three indoor tournaments in Germany. Where it’s finale after finale! The MUNICH INDOOR takes place at the end of the tournament year, making the Olympic Hall the place where several prestigious series in dressage and jumping convene to hold their finales. The DKB Riders Tour celebrates its last and most crucial stage and selects its “Rider of the Year”. In 2016 the hotly coveted prize went to no less than Marcus Ehning. The new but immensely popular dressage series MEGGLE Champion of Honour decides its overall winners not just through victories in the dressage ring, but also through a completely different approach involving how riders handle their horses away from the competition. The first overall winners are Hubertus Schmidt and Dorothee Schneider. But young talent should not be left out, and thus the KASK Youngster Cup casts a glimpse to the future. Munich’s international jumping competition for seven- and eight-year-old horses lets young talented riders show what they can do. And the Eggersmann Junior Cup, with its finale in the legendary Olympic Hall, will provide an unforgettable experience for under-21 riders of South Germany’s regional associations. more information:

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