Sun 13.10.2013

Munich Marathon

Run with the German champions

Olympiapark, Englischer Garten, Marienplatz, town hall, opera, Residenz, the Pinakotheken, the square Odeonsplatz, the Siegestor, the street Leopoldstraße, the district of Schwabing: It is hardly possible to imagine a more spectacular course for the marathon.

Munich’s 42.195 kilometres are the perfect condition for determining the German Marathon Champions. Participating in the MUNICH MARATHON is more than just a personal challenge, for it is possible to run 42.195 kilometres (almost) anywhere. When starting in in the Bavarian metropolis, however, the sports event is combined with a tourist adventure, your own record in running with an aesthetic enjoyment. And arriving at the finish will guarantee to give you the creeps: The large marathon gate will be waiting for you with a curtain of fog, music and colourful lights. Through this curtain, you will turn to the final 400 metres of your MUNICH MARATHON: The lap around Munich’s Olympiastadion. More information:
10:00 AM

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