Sat 14.10.2023

Musa Askan Yamak

The Trophy 2023

Small Olympic Hall

Experience the ultimate martial arts experience with YMK Boxsport, the organiser of the biggest martial arts mix gala in Southern Germany: "Musa Askan Yamak The Trophy 2023". This top-class event promises an unforgettable night full of excitement and thrills.

At the "Musa Askan Yamak The Trophy 2023", a total of 17 gripping fights from three different martial arts will be presented: Boxing, K1 and MMA. This unique concept offers spectators the opportunity to experience the diversity and intensity of combat sports in a single event.

With first-class athletes demonstrating their skills and fighting abilities, the gala promises unforgettable fights at the highest level. From impressive boxing punches to captivating K1 techniques and spectacular MMA moves, the "Musa Askan Yamak The Trophy 2023" offers something for every martial arts fan.

In addition to the thrilling fights, visitors can expect a first-class event experience. The venues will be carefully selected to create a first-class atmosphere that reflects the enthusiasm and energy of the martial arts community. In addition, professional production will ensure that every fight and every moment of the gala is presented in the highest quality.

Be part of this extraordinary event and immerse yourself in the world of martial arts. Experience the "Musa Askan Yamak The Trophy 2023" and be inspired by the outstanding athletes, the thrilling atmosphere and the unforgettable moments. Secure your tickets and be there live when the biggest mixed martial arts gala in southern Germany makes history.

5:00 PM
Entry 4:00 PM
Small Olympic Hall


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