Sun 12.01.2025

Night of Freestyle

Live 2025

Olympic Hall

The Night of Freestyle is back: on 12 January 2025, the Olympic Hall will once again experience adrenaline-fuelled action with breathtaking stunts and phenomenal tricks. Whether freestyle motocross (FMX) or mountain biking, BMX and snowmobiles, quads, buggies or scooters: the riders will once again be pushing the limits - and beyond. Of course, the headliner will be Luc Ackermann, the German world star in FMX.

The Night of Freestyle has long since established itself as one of the most thrilling action sports tours. After its premiere in Schwerin in 2013, the show came to the Olympic Hall for the first time in 2019. Now fans can once again look forward to a variety of never-before-seen stunt innovations. From front flip combinations and synchro backflips on motorbikes and body varials in BMX to quadruple backflips and double front flips in mountain biking - not forgetting the ground-breaking world firsts in scooters and snowmobiles, quads and buggies. 

The absolute top star of the evening is once again Luc Ackermann, who at the age of twelve became the youngest freestyler of all time to achieve a backflip on a motorbike. To date, he has collected nine more world records: whether at the age of 14 as the youngest athlete to reach a height of nine metres in an FMX jump - or in 2020 with ten backflips within 30 seconds. As world champion, European champion and the first German champion at the X-Games, Ackermann and the other riders guarantee a thrilling spectacle, accompanied by the finest pyro and laser show. The show's motto promises that neither riders nor fans will have much time to catch their breath: "Non-stop action".

04:30 PM
Entry 03:00 PM
Olympic Hall


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Children under the age of 6 are not be admitted to the event. Children between the ages of 6 and (under) 14 may only be admitted if accompanied by a parent or guardian. An identification document must be carried.

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