Thu 28.02.2019



After the huge LIVE IN CONCERT successes of PLANET EARTH, ICY WORLDS and PLANET EARTH II, the award-winning BBC nature documentaries are entering a new phase.

It all began about 20 years ago when a team of documentary filmmakers from the BBC Natural History Unit set out to shoot a series about the world’s oceans, with amazing results. The unprecedented shoot resulted in the award-winning “Blue Planet” series, setting new standards in marine documentaries at its 2001 premiere.  A generation later, the BBC camera teams have gone back to film underwater, giving viewers a completely new perspective of what hides beneath the surface of the sea. Using state-of-the-art technology and taking advantage of ground-breaking research, the new BBC TV series unveils the latest discoveries. The four-year long Blue Planet II shoot involved 125 expeditions in 39 countries and across every continent in all the oceans. It took 6,000 hours of underwater diving, including spending some 1,000 hours in submarines.   BLUE PLANET II - LIVE IN CONCERT presents this magnificent documentary film with the soundtrack of a live symphonic orchestra. The concert adaptation shows a selection of the most spectacular scenes from the seven-part TV series on a giant LED screen. The audience is treated to a mesmerizing journey spanning icy Arctic seas to pulsating coral reefs, from the glowing deep sea to huge seaweed forests. Between the uncommented film sequences, popular TV presenter and environmentalist Dirk Steffens guides the presentation beneath the surface of the world’s oceans.
08:00 PM

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