Su 01.04.2018


one earth – many worlds

This spectacular show is an emotional mixture of a symphony concert and nature film and it will making an appearance in the Olympic Hall in Munich.

In 2006, the BBC documentary PLANET EARTH revolutionised nature films and changed our view of the world in which we live. Ten years later it was followed by the long-awaited sequel to this spectacular TV documentary of our planet, PLANET EARTH II: one earth – many worlds. The camera teams for PLANET EARTH II: one earth – many worlds were on the road for three years. The live version of PLANET EARTH II: one earth – many worlds brings viewers closer than ever before to hidden and mysterious worlds with the help of extraordinary pictures, filmed in fascinating 4K ultra-HD format. PLANET EARTH II: one earth – many worlds - Live in Concert, combines the optical opulence of brilliant images of animals and nature with the poignant live acoustics of an 80-strong symphony orchestra. The music, which captures the recording perfectly and has a special way of stimulating emotionally, is penned by Frankfurt-born Oscar winners Hans Zimmer, Jacob Shea and Jasha Klebe. The eighty strong "City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra" conducted by Matthew Freeman, adapt their compositions written by Zimmer and his team to live adaptation. Between individual film sequences of the filmmaker’s documentary, a presenter explains the background to the creation of the recordings, providing fascinating background information to PLANET EARTH II: one earth – many worlds.

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