Wed 13.11.2024

RAF Camora

Phantom Tour 2024

Olympic Hall

Best hip-hop act, album of the year, best video: The list of awards goes on and on. RAF Camora has collected numerous honours in his career, as well as amassing plenty of gold and platinum for his albums. The Viennese rapper stormed to number one in the charts once again in 2023 with his eighth studio album - and is now looking forward to a full Olympic Hall on 13. November 2024.

Born in Switzerland, the son of an Italian mother and a Vorarlberg father moved to Vienna at the age of six - to the 15th district of Rudolfsheim-Fünfhaus. Incidentally, this is where the title of his successful album XV, written in Roman numerals, comes from. It was also in Vienna that he started rapping, was part of various bands and produced the EP Skandal in 2006 under his former name RafOMic together with the Viennese rapper Emirez. His first solo album "Nächster Stopp Zukunft" was finally released in 2009. 

Five of his seven further studio albums reached number one in the charts, and in June 2023 RAF Camora set a new record for the most streamed act in Germany with a total of 4.5 billion views. The hip-hop star will now go on tour again - and probably for the last time for some time. "I'm going to take a break for now," he explained on Instagram in October 2023, "I need it, my creativity needs it. And my family needs it." The musician spoke of "closing a chapter" and added cryptically: "Camora will become a phantom after that." Anyone who wants to see him in action as a colossal live act will have the opportunity to do so in 2024.

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8:00 PM
Entry 6:30 PM
Olympic Hall


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