Sun 23.09.2018

Rea Garvey

Neon Tour Live 2018

With „Neon“, Rea Garvey is placing his new album and his next arena tour into a special light.

Munich Olympic Hall is also one of the stops of the “Neon” tour, the most comprehensive in Rea Garvey’s remarkable career. The „Irishman in Berlin“ is once again adopting a different stance, although at the same time remaining true to himself. According to the artist, beats and sounds create an “urban/street-like” atmosphere which has not been emphasised like this before. Of course, fans can also enjoy hits from the three preceding solo CDs, all of them top 5 chart successes, and of which more than a million copies have been sold. Rea Garvey has sought and found challenges time and again. Whether during collaboration with artists such as Nelly Furtado, Apocalyptica, In Extremo, Paul van Dyk or as real entertainer at Alive & Swingin’, where he revives the spirit of the legendary Rat Pack in Las Vegas together with Xavier Naidoo, as well as Sasha and Michael Mittermeier. He lent credible impulses to the four seasons of the talent show “The Voice of Germany”. He will also be the centre of the new 2018 live cycle of “Sing my Song”. More than 250,000 fans watched the previous sold-out “Get Loud” open-air tour which was celebrated equally “loud” by the audience and the media. Rea Garvey and his brilliant band bring this euphoria to the upcoming 2018 tour, which is showing his diverse and enthralling musical canon in a new light. Support: Ryan Sheridan
08:00 PM

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