Sun 21.04.2024

Rea Garvey

Halo Arena Tour

Olympic Hall

His biggest hits include "The One" and "Is It Love", "Can't Say No" and "Kiss Me". For the release of his sixth studio album HALO, Rea Garvey is now going on arena tour again. Another milestone in the career of the Irish singer, who will once again demonstrate his versatile qualities between powerful rock and soulful ballads on 21 April 2024 in the Olympic Hall.

Rea Garvey could already be seen in the Olympic Hall in 2009. At that time he was still the charismatic frontman and lead singer of the rock quintet "Reamonn". In 2011, his debut solo album "Can't Stand The Silence" reached number 4 in the German album charts, and his other four albums "Pride", "Prisma", "Neon" and "Hy Brasil" were also in the top ten. About his latest album HALO, the musician, who has also been a coach on "The Voice of Germany" on and off since 2011, said: "The term has different meanings for each individual, from a video game to a halo. For me personally, HALO defines who you are. It's the light you bring into the world and the darkness you went through to get there. It's the wisdom you give to others and the strength others have given to you."

With the new insightful and stirring songs, Garvey now wants to touch the audience again and convey joy. The Irishman delivered a first taste in June 2023 with the advance release of the single "Free Like The Ocean". The audience can let themselves be carried away by the waves of emotion at the start of his biggest tour to date. On 21 April 2024 in the Olympic Hall.

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Olympic Hall


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