Fri 15.03.2019

Reinhold Messner

"World Mountains - The Fourth Dimension"

Messner's “World Mountains” live lecture is his most visually stunning to date! The razor-sharp satellite images from the German Aerospace Centre (DLR), permitted the creation of previously unimaginable perspectives bringing audiences up close to thirteen major mountains around the world.

Enhanced 3D renditions were made from the high definition satellite images of which Messner has exclusive use. This allows spectators to become virtually immersed in historical mountain expeditions, even witnessing possible future mountaineering feats. Never before has it been possible to so accurately visualise and plan mountain treks in advance! Reinhold Messner’s extensive knowledge of the mountains help to bring the brilliant images to life. The lecture combines actual mountaineering experiences with the latest, satellite-based visualisation technology, an encyclopaedic knowledge of climbing and considerable photographic skills to create a compelling audience experience. About the speaker: Born in 1944 in South Tyrol/Italy, Reinhold Messner had his first experience of mountaineering at the age of five and has since chalked up more than a hundred mountain climbs, Antarctic and desert treks around the world since 1969. Achieving numerous first ascents (including all fourteen 8,000 m summits), Messner crossed the length of Greenland diagonally — on foot. Unlike many other adventurers, Reinhold Messner never tried to set new records. His main interest lies in moving through pristine natural landscapes with minimal equipment, preferably where few men have previously dared to venture. Lecturing throughout Europe, the USA, Japan, Australia and South America, Messner is responsible for a number of documentaries and articles published in "Stern", "Spiegel", "GEO", "Epoca", "Espresso" and "National Geographic Magazine". His 80 books have been translated into more than a dozen languages.

08:00 PM

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