Su 24.03.2019


„Zimmer mit Blick“ Arena-Tour 2019

It has already been an incredible thirteen years since Revolverheld published their debut album – the start of a band’s career that is not often found, especially in Germany.

Since then, four studio albums have been published, all four reached the top ten. Overall, they had an impressive fifteen singles in the charts – of which all three from their last studio album “Immer in Bewegung” went straight to the top ten. The so far most exciting moment, however, was marked by the album “MTV Unplugged in drei Akten”, with its publication of the same name the band achieved their highest place in the album charts so far. The characterising moments of Revolverheld were the periods of their first gigs – when it all started what today is leading to “Zimmer mit Blick”. An album that sounds so incredibly casual and, during the first single this time even danceable, probably especially due to the many years of experience and real friendship of the four musicians. This is why, for the publication of “Zimmer mit Blick”, Revolverheld are initially returning to the place where it all started. They are drawn back to the smallest clubs in the republic, to Album VÖ for ten exclusive Shows. Those who know Revolverheld, know that the boys will not be content with 10 small club concerts. And therefore now everyone else will be able to enjoy more concerts, among others also the fans in Munich in the Munich Olympic Hall. Presented by kulturnews, Event, Pro7, Bayern 3 & tz Support: Antje Schomaker

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