Sa 14.10.2017

Riverdance The Original

Anniversary Tour 2017

Munich is looking forward to the jubilee show of the Irish cult Tanzshow RIVERDANCE. The organizer announces the second show in the afternoon.

The sensational success of the Riverdance anniversary tour continues in 2017: This outstanding show is more energetic than ever on its anniversary tour. The legend surrounding Riverdance remains unbroken: Since their very first appearance at the 1994 Eurovision Song Contest, Riverdance has captivated audiences worldwide. So far, more than 25 million viewers in 46 countries around the world have been able to experience the dance ensemble’s unique aura and immerse themselves Irish history. The show tells the story of the fate of the Irish, of emigration, farewells, departures and homecomings. Riverdance also shows the interplay and clash of different cultures on the streets of America. Irish step dance meets cultural diversity in the destination country, such as flamenco, break dance or Russian folklore.   This live traditional music, for which Riverdance received a Grammy, is characterised by depth and longing, but also hope and confidence. With incredible body control, nimble, accurate and, above all, steps that are unbelievable in sync and dreamlike costumes, the dancers awaken the history and culture of Ireland, bringing it to life!

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