Sat 09.11.2019

Sarah Connor

Tour 2019

She's back again! With the imminent release of her new German album, Sarah Connor sets off on a major tour of the arenas in autumn 2019, including a date at the Munich Olympic Hall.

After four years of relentless touring and performing songs from her first German album, "Muttersprache", Sarah Connor performed in front of more than 600,000 fans. This was the sum of two arenas and three open-air summer concerts. Sarah Connor recalls the whole experience as "highly emotional, electrifying and very touching". After selling more than 1.2 million copies of "Muttersprache", Sarah Connor finally has a new album coming out. As she puts it: "The child has no name yet, but it will come to me soon". "For almost a year I've been working a lot in the studio again and writing new songs in German. Soon, they’ll want to go out into the world and travel with me," adds the singer. Showcasing her new album, the upcoming tour will bring Sarah Connor back to the major venues in Germany, which she is already relishing.
8:00 PM

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