Tue 21.05.2019


Live 2019

Germany’s number one electronic pop artist is finally coming back to the Munich Olympic Hall.

As international champion of global pop, SCHILLER brings his musical emotions on stage in a new, elaborate and fascinating live show. At the same time, the most successful German ambient pop project is celebrating its 20th anniversary in 2019! In addition to a brilliant light show, SCHILLER’s award-winning surround sound can also be experienced. The elaborate stage show is complemented by a video performance with pictures. In these aesthetics, the viewer totally merges with the electronical sound worlds and can immerse himself into the dreams and visions that are created. A 360-degree experience for the senses. SCHILLER’s classics must not be missing at the 20th anniversary of the musical project in 2019 any more than new songs, as it is not an option for the exceptional artist to stand still. A kind of „Best of” with early songs such as “Das Glockenspiel” (The Glockenspiel), “Ruhe” (Calm) or “Schiller”, later songs ((“Sehnsucht” (Desire), “Mitternacht” (Midnight), “Polarstern” (Polaris)), or more recent ones (“Future III”, “Schwerelos” (Weightless), “Ultramarin”) – the programme is adding up to a top class set. SCHILLER is summoning international guest artist to his elaborate stage show again in 2019, taking the audience into the uniquely arranged musical fantasy world, moods, feelings and landscapes. The musical expedition continues...

08:00 PM

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