Sun 28.05.2023


"A Good Bad Example" Tour 2023

Olympic Hall

More than 180,000 fans flocked to their last tour. With more than 600 million views of their videos on YouTube, they are one of the most successful German bands in the streaming sector. Their albums have gold and platinum status. With new hits and old classics, SDP is now heading out on the big 2023 tour. On 28 May, the duo from Berlin-Spandau will also come to the Olympic Hall.

Still teenagers, Vincent Stein and Dag-Alexis Kopplin founded their band SDP in 1999 at the age of 16, at that time still under the name "Stonedeafproduction". After their first four albums, the duo had their breakthrough in 2012 when the longplayer "The Most Famous Unknown Band in the World" lifted them into the charts for the first time. The title of the album simultaneously became a claim for SDP. The following studio productions became more and more successful. With "Die unendlichste Geschichte" (2019), they conquered the top of the charts for the first time, their subsequent "Unendlichste Tour" was a terrific success with completely sold-out halls - and they also thrilled their fans at their performance at the Tollwood Festival in 2022.

Their latest album "Ein gutes schlechtes Vorbild" also landed at number 1 in the rankings. And with it they are now going on tour again in spring 2023 - packed with loud and quiet sounds, coming between soft ballad and hard punk. Self-ironic, versatile and varied, they will also come to the Olympic Hall on 28 May. Their motto: "We don't think from album to album or follow a master plan. We have simply been making music together as friends for 20 years. That's it."

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Entry 05:30 PM
Olympic Hall


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