Th 29.11.2018


Final World Tour 2018

The band will be giving a guest performance on their farewell tour at the Munich Olympic Hall!

After going down in history as one of the most brutal and aggressive bands, formed a completely new genre and therefore became a cult act to which all other bands had to measure up, it is finally time: SLAYER are saying farewell.

After 37 years, 12 studio albums, numerous live recordings, videos and box sets, nearly 3,000 concerts, two Grammy awards and five nominations, their own exhibition in the Smithonian Museum and the loss of their esteemed brother and founding member, the time has come. The era of SLAYER is coming to an end. However, the band had announced that it would go on one more world tour to thank their fans for their support over the years. Within the scope of the final World Tour of 2018, the cult band will also make a guest appearance in the Bavarian state capital and their special guests will be: Lamb Of God, Anthrax and Obituary!

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