Sun 09.02.2020


We Are Not Your Kind World Tour

Slipknot have announced their upcoming European tour dates following the release of their new album, "We Are Not Your Kind". Starting in early 2020, the German leg will bring them to the Munich Olympic Hall.

"It feels great to be back in Europe on an extended tour”, says frontman Corey Taylor. “No matter how often we come here, we just can't get enough! There’re still so many cities that we’d like to play. But one thing’s for sure: the audiences here are among the best in the world!" Guitarist Jim Root takes over: "Never before have we had so much time to finish a record and work things out together. I’m inspired by artists who’ve recorded entire albums, and not just single songs. While the industry focuses on singles, SLIPKNOT worked on releasing an album, experimenting from start to finish". "The best thing about it was that we could take the time we needed to record the album", adds Crahan. "It took nearly five years to reach this level of emotion and temperature, which for us, was a kind of redemption!" Over the years, Slipknot have become something of a cultural phenomenon, and with "We Are Not Your Kind", they’ve once again made it to the top of the international charts. Their "UnSainted" video hit single trended number #1 on YouTube. Their "Solway Firth" and "Birth of The Cruel" videos, directed by M. Shawn Crahan, generated over 58 million views in just two months.
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