Su 11.09.2022

Super League Triathlon

Championship Series 2022

Olympic Park Munich

After its premiere in 2021, the Super League Triathlon Championship Series is coming back to the Olympic Park!

In the biggest season yet, the world's fastest triathletes will compete in a total of five races in September and October 2022, hosting London (Sept. 4), the Munich Olympic Park on Sept. 11, Malibu (Sept. 17) and Toulouse (Oct. 2) - the venue for the grand finale on Oct. 29, 2022, has yet to be announced.

Also new in 2022, fans will have the opportunity to form a team of star athlete:s: Fans who sign up as team owners will have a say in which athlete:s are included on the team, allowing them to virtually play fantasy triathlon in real life. In doing so, they will have a major impact on who wins the 2022 Championship Series. They will also have a say in a range of other team issues, from jersey design to key tactical decisions.

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