Fri 17.01.2020

The 100 Voices of Gospel

The Most Successful Contemporary Gospel Show

The exuberant live shows of "The 100 Voices of Gospel" are an expression of everything that Gospel music genre stands for: passion, an unbridled joie de vivre, warmth and high energy. Made up of singers from over 25 different countries, cultures and religions, this captivating multi-ethnic choral ensemble captivates audiences right from their very first song.

Mega-party with audience participation  "The 100 Voices of Gospel" are renowned for their live energy and dynamic choreography. On stage, the gospel singers reveal themselves as true evangelists of the Black American music genre. There is hardly an audience that doesn't get up from their seats to join in, clapping and dancing their way through the show. Kids are also welcome and children up to 14 years old enjoy a 40% discount in all the seating categories. "The 100 Voices of Gospel" show is like being part of a big house party, with audience members of all ages enthusiastically taking part. Those witnessing their performances go home with a memorable experience that is sure to remain imprinted in their hearts. A Show aimed straight at the Heart The gospel choir’s international breakthrough came in 2016, on the “Britain's Got Talent” show. In Germany, the "100 Voices" gained public exposure when they appeared on the major SAT.1 TV channel show: "It’s Showtime". In October 2018, the dynamic gospel choir caused a sensation on Florian Silbereisen’s popular show, “Schlagerbooom”, on delivering a thrilling performance. Musician/presenter Florian Silbereisen enthusiastically declared that “it was the biggest group ever to have filled the Schlagerbooom stage"!
06:30 PM

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