Fri 18.08. - Sat 19.08.2017

The Finals of the Bouldering World Cup Bouldering European

Bouldering World Cup and European Championship 2017

Climbing fans in Munich already know that this event is a real highlight: after being held seven times in the Olympic stadium, of the World Cup final is rightly considered one of the best climbing competitions in the international calendar.

The best climbers in the world have now met seven times in Munich's Olympic stadium, yet this August is a premiere: The bouldering sport elite are not only challenging each other for the world championship, but they are also fighting for the European Championship.

A broad starting field with more than 220 athletes from around 35 countries is guaranteed, as Munich has long been regarded as a sure bet for spectacular bouldering competitions in the climbing scene. The competitions and the spectator area are located under the Olympic stadium’s world-famous glass roof. The atmosphere is unique – including the deafening sounds when the climbers are cheered along by thousands of spectators. The glass roof is also practical, because you arse protected from rain showers, yet feel like you are outdoors.


8:00 AM

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