Sun 23.02.2020


25 Years - Over the Hump - additional show

In the career of most long-standing and successful music groups, there is that one special album that brings them their breakthrough.

And for THE KELLY FAMILY, it was the legendary "Over the Hump" album, released in summer of ´94. This was to be the album that would radically change the life and careers of THE KELLY FAMILY, elevating them from street musicians into overnight Euro-megastars. Including hits such as "An Angel", "First Time" and "Why, Why, Why", the family band’s most successful record has sold over 3.5 million copies to date. With 2.2 million copies sold in Germany alone, this watershed album showcases the special magic of THE KELLY FAMILY. Excellent songs and heart-jerking stories showcase the talents of each band member, making this album an "All-time Mega-seller", that has gone down in the annals of German pop music history. This series of concerts promises to be a special and highly rewarding experience for both the KELLY FAMILY and their audiences. Enhanced by a high-tech lighting rig and other special effects, their new show is sure to win over audiences old and new, rekindling memories that go all the way back to 1994. "Over the Hump" remains THE KELLY FAMILY’s watershed album and on this tour, the whole album will be performed live on stage for the very first time.

7:30 PM

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