Sat 02.12.2017

The Mega 90s


We bring the stars of the 1990s LIVE to the Munich Olympic Hall.

Thinking of the 90s automatically brings up images of waiting for hours with the cassette player in front of the radio, to record the favorite song, the much-loved Gameboy, tramp stamps and tattoo necklaces, Diddl mice, the walkman, “The Dinos”, Michael Jackson, Tamagotchis, Snake on the first own mobile, “Back to the Future” and Windows 95. But nothing has made had an impact on the 90s as much as the countless boy bands and, of course, the musical genre of Eurodance! You can look forward to the 90s decorations, 90s atmosphere and of course the best acts of the 1990s live on our large concert stage! We are taking you on a journey through time. Party to your favorite songs from that era and feel as though you have been taken back to this mega time! The following acts will be there: 2Unlimited
East 17
Masterboy & Beatrix Delgado
08:00 PM

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