Sat 28.04.2018

The Schlager Music Night of the Year

Summit of the Hit Music Superstars

In the Olympic Hall, the top stars of the hit music ensure an unforgettable time in terms of hits.

Likewise, the captivating live event will boast a well-known line-up of top-level pop music celebrities in 2018, making the hearts of music fans beat faster. The best hits for a good mood and the most beautiful ballads ensure fireworks of entertainment and pure emotions, lasting for six hours.  Each night of hits is a spectacular concert experience in its own right. There is, however, a warning about side effects, such as an ecstatic feeling of happiness caused by captivating music and atmosphere. Danger of addiction! This are the acts which are confirmed for the The Schlager Music Night of the Year: Howard Carpendale Vanessa Mai Thomas Anders Marianne Rosenberg Michelle Fantasy Mickie Krause Maite Kelly Voxxclub Nik P. Anna-Maria Zimmermann Ben Zucker
06:00 PM

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